Ongoing franchises… How can you keep your fans interested between releases? 3 tips to keeping the “spark” alive between you and your fans

You have accomplished a great deal by being a part of a successful franchise. So how do you keep the fan love flame burning while you are working on your next installment?

  • Open up the two way dialogue with social media such as Facebook, Twitter and G+. Feedback is important especially when you already have an established fan-base based on the success of prior releases. Fans are more than happy to give ideas on what they would like to see more or less of next time around via comment or tweet. Add airtime as Google+ knocked intimate multi-person video conferencing out of the park with G+ Hangouts.

  • Take advantage of what you have already put out by letting others take the reins. This also includes featuring fan art and content on your website, or other social image sharing sites. Your fans will appreciate being included in the process and enjoy the recognition for their loyalty.

  • Let out sneak peeks of your current vision. Most of us don’t like to show unfinished work but this is a great way to get the audience excited. Videos and interviews about the new project give everyone a tingle of excitement as well as an opportunity to promote the upcoming venture.

Audiences that liked a prior installment are a built in reward for a new release. Keep them happy and interested in what you have coming next by using social media; letting others help spread the word. Fresh content and active participation will keep everyone engaged!

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