It’s no secret that mobile gaming is getting bigger as games are the most popular app category for tablets and mobile phones. In the US alone there are 100 million mobile gamers, that doesn’t include all of the new mobile devices that are being sold here and in other parts of the world. So far no one dominates the mobile gaming market but that doesn’t mean that developers and investors aren’t trying for a piece of this growing production.

What does it take be on top of the mobile gaming industry? A good example can be made from Angry Birds which has been one of the standout mobile games since 2009 and continues to grow with sequels and merchandise. It has also been rumored that the makers of Angry Birds, Rovio begets $6 million dollars per month just from advertisements. It takes at least three things to break out from the pack of crowding new game applications like Rovio did.

  • Easy Game Controls: Let’s be honest, a mobile device isn’t a console controller so complex controls will automatically disengage a great number of users; as generally people will get frustrated if they don’t understand the controls initially.

  • Fun: If it isn’t addictive it isn’t going to be played, simple as that.

  • Low Price: Competition is high in the market place; keep it low to keep the edge.

Many other breakthrough mobile games fall into these three categories. Such as these top grossing games of 2012, Temple Run, Draw Something and Fruit Ninja. As the market for mobile game applications grows so will the number of simply creative games, which is good for the industry and mobile gamers.


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