After all of your blood, sweat and tears you put into your product or service, how are you going to focus on a target market to reach your goals for your business?

The first part is easy; know who your audience is. Not everyone cares about every product or service equally. Who do you think may want, use or need your product, design, service or website? Consider these three factors when starting to identify customers;Geographic area (location, location, location), demographics (age, gender and income level), as well as psychographics (interests and hobbies).

What else may come into play: Who is your competition and how are they reaching the same audience? Are you targeting residential or commercial sectors? A business that is able to specifically focus on these the factors above should be able to determine the audience.

The second part isn’t so easy; create a marketing plan.

1. What would you like for consumers to think about your brand?
2. How will you attract them to your products or services?

For instance, if a business is baby or child-related, the content should target new parents or mothers specifically. Consider how relevant the product or services are, whether or not the market is already saturated with these products or services, and if not saturated, how can a business create optimum visibility of your product or service for parents and children. How are you going to combat these issues? What are you going to bring to the table that no one else offers? Why is a consumer going to choose you over someone else? This is what your marketing plan must address.

The last part is harder still; reach your audience effectively.

When a company reaches out to the group of people they want to focus on they must decide where to spend their funding dollars and time. An effective but also costly method of reaching your audience is with television, radio, newspapers or billboards. The business must take into account statistics and use that in their calculations. Women typically watch more TV than men. Men are more likely to read the newspaper than women. Ideally the business with the child related product would target the new mothers with a television advertisement or new fathers with a newspaper ad. Keep in mind that both advertisements would be completely different in style even though the product may be the same because they are targeting two genders of the target audience. Less expensive but more time consuming are use of ideas like novelty items (given to potential or current clients), social media and even door to door outreach. These would be used more for small businesses that have more time than money.

Although the media world is fragmented and you may be tempted to look in many directions to make sure you don’t miss your audience, make sure to remain focused on your primary target first.


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