Who would have thought that the day would come where smartphones were outdone by their bigger traveling companion cousin? That day is now, as tablets are outperforming smartphones by a whopping 250% for branding campaigns on click through rates. They are also dominating on direct response campaigns.

This information comes from Adfonic’s ad impressions platform which shows a significant increase in not only CTRs but also cost per impression compared to cost per acquisition or cost per click. The branding campaigns in particular shined the brightest as two taps on a smartphone was overtaken by five taps on a tablet.

Smaller screens aren’t winning this war as older consumers are more prone to choose a tablet. Apple iOS tablets are accounting for 1-in-3 ad request from the age seventy to seventy-nine age groups. Baby boomers are slightly less than 10% of ad requests from Android tablets and around 19% of iOS. Most of these ad requests take place in the evening which aligns with the finding of previous research that about a third of users search while in front of the TV.

Does this mean that you may need to readjust your ad spends? Maybe… Tablets may hold the click count for now but revenue from smartphones is still almost double. But they are both the ones to watch.

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